When redesigning, We wanted the vehicles to stand out with confidents.
So we chose a spacious & modern editorial style to showcase each vehicles unique features.



Creating a great first impression

When redesigning the homepage, we removed a lot of the visual noise.
Doing so gave prominents to the vehicles, timely offers and special events.



Function meets style

For the vehicle detail pages, we chose to display features elegantly in rows. Allowing users to scoll on both a tablet or desktop to quickly learn about the vehicles features, one at a time.



A new kind of customizer

For the launch of the New Wranglers, we designed a fun and easy to use vehicle editor. Users could personalize, save and share their unique vehicles with friends. To give extra personality to the Wranglers, we created 6 environments where they could live in.



Before saying goodbye

A user interface kit was created to package up the most common elements and
components to easily onboard new designers.